Student Profile: Patrick Torres

Queens, N.Y.
B.S., Computer Science
Year Expected to Graduate
New York City
Student Profile: Patrick Torres

A Webmaster in the Making

Patrick Torres has always had a passion for art and creativity. “Growing up, I was really into visual arts, and computers were more of a hobby,” he says. “I thought computers were really cool, but I did not want to build desktop towers.” When he began to look more into computer science, however, he realized there might be a place where his interests could align. “I wanted to build websites and develop programs or even small flash games. In the end, I decided that computer science allowed me to mix both my interests and turn my ideas into projects people can interact with.”

When it came time to pick the right school, Torres had his heart set on NYIT. For the Queens native, NYIT’s rigorous computer science program coupled with the school’s proximity to his family made the school very appealing. “I applied and hoped for the best, and upon acceptance was awarded a scholarship. Then it was really hard to turn down.”

Torres, a recipient of a Presidential Scholarship, has immersed himself in student life and various activities both inside and outside of the classroom. “I met a variety of great thinkers that pushed me to do more during my first year,” he says. “By the end of my freshman year, I gained hands-on experience that helped me develop many leadership and communication skills that I might not have developed otherwise.”

One such opportunity came through the work he did with Consultants for the Public Good (CPG). The NYIT program connects student volunteers with nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Torres worked on community-based volunteer projects that provided valuable services to his clients and helped him grow his skillset. “The work I did with them strengthened my knowledge of front-end web design, time management, and client communication, as well as refined my understanding of digital graphics,” he said. “Also, if a future client wants to see my work, I can just direct them to the website links!”

One of those projects was building a website for St. Philips Church in Harlem. Torres worked directly with a client, taking into consideration their needs and how he could best apply his knowledge and availability to the project. “Great websites pull in more engagement for the user, attracting them to interact more and learn what the website is about,” he says. He adds that it is also important to understand your own limitations in terms of coding and time. “It is never a bad thing to go beyond your limit…However, you don’t want to promise more than what you know you can accomplish in a specified timeframe.”

The experience brings Torres another step closer to realizing his dream to work on the front-end and back-end of websites for big businesses. But this isn’t his only dream. He also would like to start a streetwear business. “I have been studying fashion and designing my own pieces,” he says. “In the future, I’m planning to order samples and start a small collection that will hopefully grow into something big.”