Student Profile: Christian Sino-Ag Pascal

Valley Stream, N.Y.
B.S., Computer Science – Big Data Management and Analytics
Year Expected to Graduate
New York City
Student Profile: Christian Sino-Ag Pascal

Christian Sino-Ag Pascal is a freshman at New York Institute of Technology pursuing an education in computer science – big data management and analytics. The Box sat down with Pascal to hear more about his plans for his time at New York Tech.

Why did you choose to study at New York Institute of Technology?
The main reason that I chose New York Tech is that it seems like a fantastic school, and it has the major I wanted. The fact that there’s a campus in the city immediately got me interested since I wanted to go to school in the city. I also look forward to meeting new people and having a good time studying my field.

Why did you choose this major?
To get the proper experience and know-how. Since I was 14, I have been really interested in computers. I’ve slowly grown more of a knowledge base on the topic, building multiple computers and gaining new skills with each advancement.

How do you think your New York Tech education will prepare you for your future career?
I believe that the knowledge I will gain at New York Tech will allow me to flourish in a saturated field of technology. I will probably learn enough to land a good job and make a good living doing something that I enjoy.

What are you most looking forward to at New York Tech?
I most look forward to getting the experience needed to succeed in my field. I have a passion for technology and computers, and I want to learn more about them and how they work. Someday I hope to become a major cog in the development of new types of computers. Learning more about something I love is going to be the best thing I do for myself at New York Tech.