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The Hive

The HIVE (Home for Innovation, Visualization, and Exploration) is a place for New York Tech students, faculty, and partnering institutions to use advanced technologies to pursue creative research and expand their academic and professional development. Collaborative teams can invent, innovate, and creatively solve problems utilizing motion capture, 3-D printing and scanning, immersive environments, and other emerging technologies. High-end video conferencing connects our three New York Tech digital art locations (New York City, Long island, and Beijing) and any other Wifi-enabled location into a single center, allowing users to remotely direct motion capture shoots at our 3-D Motion Capture studio in Old Westbury.

The HIVE welcomes projects from students and faculty from digital arts and all other New York Tech disciplines, as well as community and industry professionals. Projects may take the the form of dedicated courses and workshops, presentations, collaborative and/or commercial projects, and summer and intersession programs.

The HIVE has already partnered with major community and professional organizations including: CITYarts, Inc.; Haddington Dynamics; Lincoln Square Business Improvement District; the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Media Lab; The Lumen Prize Exhibition; and the Viscardi Center.

We look forward to working with you!

Our Mission

To use our unique research-studio environment to foster partnerships between New York Tech students, faculty, and community organizations in areas of art, design, technology, and entrepreneurship. We aim to bring together a diverse range of participants whose creativity, intelligence, and expertise together yield idea exchange, experimentation, and play.

Technology and Facilities


  • 32 Vicon camera motion capture studio
  • FaceShift Headgear
  • Synertial Motion Capture Gloves
  • Kinect for Windows


  • Occulus Rift
  • Kinect for Windows


  • Stratysis es1200
  • Makerbot 5th Generation Replicator
  • MakerBot Z18
  • Rostock
  • Form 1+
  • CubeDuo Pro


  • Large and Small scale scanners.
  • NextEngine High End Scanner
  • Sense from 3D Systems Scanner
  • LIDAR scanner partners


16 W. 61st St., room 910
New York, NY 10023

Contact Us

Sung Kevin Park
Chair, Department of Digital Art and Design
New York City: 212.261.1741
Long Island: 516.686.7542