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Cost of Attending New York Tech

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According to the federal definition, cost of attendance (COA), is the total amount it will cost you to go to New York Institute of Technology—usually expressed as a yearly figure. It's determined by rules established by law. The COA includes:

  • tuition and fees
  • on-campus room and board (or a housing and food allowance for off-campus students
  • allowances for books, supplies, transportation, and loan fees
  • dependent care (if applicable)
  • miscellaneous and personal expenses, including an allowance for the rental or purchase of a personal computer
  • reasonable costs for eligible study-abroad programs

Costs related to a disability are covered.

For students attending less than half-time, the COA includes tuition and fees and an allowance for books, supplies, transportation, and dependent care expenses. Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have unusual expenses that might affect your cost of attendance.

Living Expense Allowance Calculation

Students often ask how we calculate the living expense allowance in the estimated cost of attendance for an academic year. There are several answers, depending on your dependency status, permanent address, and housing plans for the academic year.

When we talk about a living allowance, we are referring to:

  • the average cost of room in a residence hall and a meal plan for on campus residents, or
  • the average cost of rent and food for someone living in an apartment, or
  • an allowance for local students who are living in their parent's home

These expenses are treated separately:

  • an allowance for books (depending on major)
  • "miscellaneous expenses" allowance (for full-time undergraduates)
  • transportation allowance based on an average mileage amount and a student's living arrangement (on- or off-campus)