Current Students

In early 2018, NYIT announced it will begin a teach-out of currently enrolled students, while maintaining the same high-quality instruction and service to those students. During this process, NYIT’s tuition and fees, as well as degree requirements, will remain the same. NYIT will also ensure that all students complete those degree requirements. Noted in the NYIT announcement: “We are thankful to the many individuals who have worked and studied at our Abu Dhabi campus who have helped to create a special academic environment.”

Completing Your Degree at NYIT

If you are a current NYIT-Abu Dhabi student and have questions regarding your degree map, please email Campus Dean Monique Taylor at

Semester Maps

Semester Maps are an example of the semester-by-semester sequence of courses a student in the selected major might take in order to complete all the required credits. They are a useful resource for students to use for planning out their courses each semester until graduation, but are meant to serve only as a guide. All course selections must be confirmed by an advisor in your academic department.

Students should choose the semester map based on the catalog year in which they were admitted to New York Tech, or the year they transferred to a new major. If you are unsure which catalog year you are following, go to your Student Advisement Report (STAR) and look at the year following the Catalog section in the header. For example, if you were admitted to the Interior Design program in Fall 2018, you would follow the semester map: Interior Design, B.F.A. – 2018.

Transcripts, Registering for Graduation

To obtain transcripts or register for graduation, please email the New York Tech registrar at

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