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Our faculty of researchers and passionate teacher-scholars educates and inspires the next generation of makers and doers, inventors and innovators, and leaders and entrepreneurs. By instilling a growth mindset in our students, New York Tech faculty help them to graduate career-ready and prepared to make the world a better place.

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Features and Videos

Recognizing American Heart Month

In recognition of American Heart Month, New York Tech News is looking back at some highlights of NYITCOM’s esteemed cardiovascular research, awards, and public education efforts.

Improving Health, One Posture Check at a Time

The School of Health Professions’ Department of Physical Therapy has long been a source of information about how to improve body movement to recover from, and ideally avoid, injury. With its service initiative, Posture Patrol, physical therapy students are working to improve the posture, and health, of the New York Tech community, one member at a time.

Keeping Science on Its Toes

In a study published by PeerJ, Professor Nikos Solounias, Ph.D., and NYITCOM student Shannon Smith explain why a bony structure—which they dub “the bony cap”—may play a large role in finger and toe regeneration and nail growth.

New Books by Faculty and Staff

New Books by Faculty and Staff

More School Counselors Could Help Address America’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

A Salon op-ed by Assistant Professor of School Counseling Cameka Hazel, Ed.D., calls for expanded access to school counselors as a concrete strategy for improving youth mental health.

NIH-Funded Research at NYITCOM Could Yield New Brain Disorder Treatments

NYITCOM’s Jerry Zhao, Ph.D., has secured an NIH grant in support of research that could help to deliver new drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and autism spectrum disorder.

Will 2023 Be 5G’s Year?

College of Engineering and Computing Sciences Dean Babak D. Beheshti, Ph.D., an expert in 5G technology, takes on the topic of what the 5G rollout will look like in 2023, complete with the benefits and challenges of this highly anticipated technology.

Researchers Secure Leakey Foundation Grants

Two researchers from NYITCOM’s Department of Anatomy have secured grants from the Leakey Foundation, which exclusively funds research related to human origins.

By the Numbers

  • NYIT Faculty: 342 full-time, 518 part-time
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    Percent of full-time faculty holding terminal degrees

  • Areas of Expertise

    • Anatomy
    • Architecture
    • Architectural Technology
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology)
    • Bioengineering/Biotechnology
    • Computer Science
    • Construction Engineering
    • Data Science
    • Digital Design
    • Engineering
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environmental Technology
    • Exercise Science
    • Heart Disease
    • Information Technology
    • Life Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Math
    • Osteopathic Medicine
    • Sports Medicine/Esports Medicine
    • Sustainability/Sustainable Design
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