Our Faculty

Our faculty of researchers and passionate teacher-scholars educates and inspires the next generation of makers and doers, inventors and innovators, and leaders and entrepreneurs. By instilling a growth mindset in our students, New York Tech faculty help them to graduate career-ready and prepared to make the world a better place.

NYIT faculty working on tablet

Features and Videos

International Education Week: 2020

From November 16 through 20, New York Tech will host a series of virtual events that focus on intercultural exchange, sharing our national and ethnic cuisines, our languages, and our journeys.

Why Data Matters in Architecture and Design

At “Data, Matter, Design: Strategies in Computational Design” on October 8, leaders in architecture discussed how data and the use of computational design strategies play a critical role in design processes.

Q&A: CRISPR Explained

Bryan Gibb, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological and chemical sciences, sets the record straight on CRISPR.

Virtual Homecoming 2020 Raises $2,000 for the Grizzly Cupboard

Alumni, students, faculty, and staff came together virtually for a good cause during Virtual Homecoming 2020.

New York Institute of Technology Magazine: Fall 2020

Check out the Fall 2020 issue of New York Institute of Technology Magazine.

Exercising with a Mask

In this illustrated series, NYIT School of Health Professions’ Alex Rothstein, MS., explains how wearing a mask might impact exercise.

Halloween Will Be Different in 2020

Assistant Professor Christine Hartford, M.D., warns of the dangers of trick-or-treating during the pandemic and what people need to do to stay safe and healthy.

Q&A: The Trouble With the Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Jonathan Berman, Ph.D., assistant professor of basic sciences at NYITCOM-Arkansas, sat down with The Box to talk about why anti-vaxxers are opposed to immunizations, the history of the movement, and a strategy for countering them.

By the Numbers

  • NYIT Faculty: 364 full-time, 536 part-time
  • Gender Ratio

    NYIT Faculty Gender Ratio: 59% male, 41% female
  • Racial and Ethnic Makeup

    NYIT Faculty Racial Ethnic Groups Graphic
    • American Indian/Alaska Native: <1%
    • Asian: 22%
    • Black/African-American: 3%
    • Hispanic/Latino: 3%
    • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%
    • Two or more races: <1%
    • White: 70%
  • Achievements

    • 111 authors with 281 publication credits

    • 95 presenters with 336 conference presentations

    • 30 honorees with 87 awards

    • 4 designers with 7 exhibitions

    • 139 grant recipients with 220 grants received (internal and external)

    • 2 patent holders with 4 patents

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