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Our faculty of researchers and passionate teacher-scholars educates and inspires the next generation of makers and doers, inventors and innovators, and leaders and entrepreneurs. By instilling a growth mindset in our students, New York Tech faculty help them to graduate career-ready and prepared to make the world a better place.

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Features and Videos

How the New York Tech Community is Observing Juneteenth

To the New York Tech community, Juneteenth is more than just a day off. It is an opportunity to observe, reflect, and most importantly, educate ourselves on our country’s history, injustices still taking place, and what the future holds for us.

Renowned Architect Albert Campo Baeza Inaugurates Dean’s Atelier Studio

In spring 2021, the inaugural School of Architecture and Design Tommaso and Franca Chieco Dean’s Atelier Studio hosted world-renowned architect Alberto Campo Baeza as distinguished guest professor for a third-year design class.

Adjunct Instructor Jamel Vanderburg on the Importance of Juneteenth

In an opinion piece for The Box, Jamel Vanderburg, M.P.A., adjunct instructor of interdisciplinary studies, talks about the importance and significance of Juneteenth.

New York Tech Celebrates Pride Month

Meet the innovative voices of the LGBTQIA community, who are creating change at New York Tech.

New York Tech Energy Conference: Building Sustainable Communities

Energy experts discussed the latest innovations in buildings, vehicles, and power systems as well as offered their insights on trends in community resilience and sustainability.

Architecture Students and Faculty Make a Grand Showing at Venice Biennale

A delegation of School of Architecture and Design faculty and students will be among the 112 participants from 46 countries at the 2021 Venice Biennale Architecture.

CATCH Implementation Grant Provides Health Education and Resources to the Underserved

A $10,000 Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) Implementation grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics will help provide education and healthcare resources to mothers living in rural Arkansas.

Why We Need to Keep Smartphones Out of the Classroom

In an International Business Times op-ed, College of Arts and Sciences’ Melissa Huey, Ph.D., calls for widespread critical thinking education initiatives, explaining how the pandemic has exacerbated Gen Z’s digital dependencies.

By the Numbers

  • NYIT Faculty: 364 full-time, 536 part-time
  • Gender Ratio

    NYIT Faculty Gender Ratio: 59% male, 41% female
  • Racial and Ethnic Makeup

    NYIT Faculty Racial Ethnic Groups Graphic
    • American Indian/Alaska Native: <1%
    • Asian: 22%
    • Black/African-American: 3%
    • Hispanic/Latino: 3%
    • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%
    • Two or more races: <1%
    • White: 70%
  • Achievements

    • 111 authors with 281 publication credits

    • 95 presenters with 336 conference presentations

    • 30 honorees with 87 awards

    • 4 designers with 7 exhibitions

    • 139 grant recipients with 220 grants received (internal and external)

    • 2 patent holders with 4 patents

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