Our Faculty

NYIT’s faculty of researchers and passionate teacher-scholars educates and inspires the next generation of makers and doers, inventors and innovators, and leaders and entrepreneurs. Our faculty engages NYIT students both inside and outside of the classroom, helping them to graduate career-ready and prepared to make the world a better place.

NYIT faculty working on tablet

Features and Videos

Faculty Profile: Kevin Park

Assistant Professor Kevin Park, M.F.A., talks to The Box about New York Tech’s new UX/UI design and development program.

News Byte: Vetting Presidential Candidates on K-12 Education

Assistant Professor and Chair of Education Robert Feirsen offers insight to educators on ways to evaluate 2020 presidential candidates and where they stand on issues relating to pre-K-12 education.

Why Insurers Should Cover Mental Health Care to Lower Costs

In an op-ed in Fortune, NYITCOM’s Liat Jarkon argues that the insurance industry has fueled an epidemic that has contributed to needless deaths and national spending.

Ask an Expert: Communication in the Digital Age

In an interview with Globesville, Professor of Communication Arts Felisa Kaplan talks about social media’s influence on today’s global society and offers her predictions on what digital devices may look like in the future.

Faculty Attending Wolfram Conference Inspired to Incorporate Computational Thinking in Coursework

New York Tech faculty across various disciplines attending the Wolfram Technology Conference, inspiring them to use Wolfram Language in research and coursework.

Faculty Fellow Premieres New York Tech Live’s March Debut

New York Tech Live! organizer and Associate Professor Jonathan Goldman discusses upcoming events in March focusing on West Side Story and skateboarding culture.

Helping Stroke Victims Get Back on Their Feet

John Handrakis, professor of physical therapy, takes part in Veterans Affairs research to improve knee movement in stroke victims.

News Byte: Babak Beheshti Discusses What’s Ahead for 5G on PBS

The dean of NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences was a featured speaker on PBS’s SciTech Now.

By the Numbers

  • NYIT Faculty: 364 full-time, 536 part-time
  • Gender Ratio

    NYIT Faculty Gender Ratio: 59% male, 41% female
  • Racial and Ethnic Makeup

    NYIT Faculty Racial Ethnic Groups Graphic
    • American Indian/Alaska Native: <1%
    • Asian: 22%
    • Black/African-American: 3%
    • Hispanic/Latino: 3%
    • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: <1%
    • Two or more races: <1%
    • White: 70%
  • Achievements

    • 111 authors with 281 publication credits

    • 95 presenters with 336 conference presentations

    • 30 honorees with 87 awards

    • 4 designers with 7 exhibitions

    • 139 grant recipients with 220 grants received (internal and external)

    • 2 patent holders with 4 patents

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