Our Faculty

Our faculty of researchers and passionate teacher-scholars educates and inspires the next generation of makers and doers, inventors and innovators, and leaders and entrepreneurs. By instilling a growth mindset in our students, New York Tech faculty help them to graduate career-ready and prepared to make the world a better place.

Faculty and students working in lab

Features and Videos

Faculty Profile: Jennifer Yanhua Xie

Jennifer Yanhua Xie, Ph.D., secured NYITCOM-Arkansas’s first NIH grant in 2020. Now, she will play a key role in a new study aimed at developing treatments for inflammatory bowel disease—the first NIH-funded research collaboration between NYITCOM-Arkansas and A-State.

Science for All

New York Tech professors get creative while sharing their expertise, drawing on seemingly unrelated topics to reach their students and the general public.

Large NIH Grant Supports Work in Direct Sequencing of RNA Modifications

With a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grant, Associate Professor of Life Sciences Shenglong Zhang, Ph.D., will lead a team of researchers to determine how RNA modifications affect conditions including cancer and diabetes.

Faculty Profile: Matthias Altwicker

“The truth is that architecture requires a team of people with different focuses and interests…To make a great work of architecture, every member of that team needs to be skilled and synchronized with one another,” says Associate Professor of Architecture Matthias Altwicker.

Study: Nasal Problem Plagued Long-Nosed Crocodile Relatives

Research from NYITCOM-Arkansas’s Jason Bourke, Ph.D., finds that humans have more in common with endangered crocodiles than we think—namely, a deviated septum.

Faculty Profile: Felix Fischman

A veteran of private industry as well as university teaching, Assistant Professor Felix Fischman believes the best way to learn in any computer language is to understand the origins of object-oriented programming.

News Byte: Alumni Named as Power Women of Long Island

NYITCOM’s Liat Jarkon, D.O., is one of several alumni named to Schneps Media’s 2021 “Power Women of Long Island.”

Exploring DEI Through Literature

New York Tech initiatives promote conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through literature.

By the Numbers

  • NYIT Faculty: 342 full-time, 518 part-time
  • Illustrative chart for statistic

    Percent of full-time faculty holding terminal degrees

  • Areas of Expertise

    • Anatomy
    • Architectural Technology
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Bioengineering/Biotechnology
    • Computer Science
    • Construction Engineering
    • Data Science
    • Digital Design
    • DNA
    • Engineering
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environmental Technology
    • Exercise Science Heart Disease
    • Human Resources Management
    • Marketing
    • Osteopathic Medicine
    • Psychology
    • Sports Medicine
    • Sustainability/Sustainable Design
  • Achievements

    • 111 authors with 281 publication credits

    • 95 presenters with 336 conference presentations

    • 30 honorees with 87 awards

    • 4 designers with 7 exhibitions

    • 139 grant recipients with 220 grants received (internal and external)

    • 2 patent holders with 4 patents

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