NYITCOM Clinical Faculty use of Academic Health Care Center for Research
This form should be filled out and signed prior to IRB submission, and the IRB will be looking for this form to be attached to any proposals involving the Academic Health Care Center. At present, we will also be collecting the form for all ongoing projects involving the Academic Healthcare Center, even if they are already approved by the IRB (just for documentation purposes).

How to write a research protocol

You may utilize our Clinical Research Protocol Worksheet (word document) as a tool for writing a research protocol.  Please review the INSTRUCTIONS first before filling out the worksheet.


Request Assistance with Clinical Research

If you would like to request assistance with the design or analysis of your clinical research project, you must thoroughly complete the Research Services Assistance Form for our review.  Forms that are incomplete or lacking in signatures will not be reviewed.  Review of your request does not guarantee assistance by our research staff.  Each project is reviewed individually by its merits, as well as the time commitment involved in assisting with the project.  Completed forms may be faxed to the following number: 516.686.3834.