OMM and Neural Function

Studies the ability of OMM to improve neural function. Projects include examining the effect of OMM on Parkinson's disease symptoms and the progression and recovery from concussions.

Principal Investigator: Sheldon Yao, D.O.


Evolution of Ruminants

Studies the evolution of the diet and anatomy of ruminants. Projects include the evolution of the giraffe neck; the evolution of the skull; and methods of dietary interpretations.

Principal Investigator: Nikos Solounias, Ph.D.


Kidney Development/Regeneration and the Evolution of Kidney Structure and Function

Studies the basic mechanisms underlying kidney morphogenesis and regeneration. Work focuses on the role of cell migration in kidney development and repair using transgenic zebrafish. Evolution of post-embryonic nephrogenesis in vertebrates, from fish to mammals is also studied.

Principal Investigator: Aleksandr Vasilyev, M.D., Ph.D.


Conservation of Mechanisms of Kidney Development and Repair

Studies the conservation of Six2 function in pronephric, mesonephric, and metaneprhic kidney development. We are also interested in mechanisms of nephron repair in vertebrates, including fish, reptiles, and mammals.

Principal Investigator: Troy Camarata, Ph.D.


Long Noncoding RNAs in Cardiovascular and Related Disorders

Studies the role of long noncoding RNAs in development of cardiovascular, thyroid and related disorders. These studies are expected to develop novel and clinically relevant strategies in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this No. 1 globally life-threatening disease burden.

Principal Investigator: Viswanathan Rajagopalan, Ph.D.


Perspectives on Case-Based Learning

Small Groups at a Large Institution, a Mixed Methods Study: Studies the complex, contextualized understanding of small-group problem-based learning at NYITCOM by exploring the perspectives of various stakeholders (e.g., NYITCOM faculty and students) in the first year of implementation of the case-based learning (CBL) curriculum.

Principal Investigator: Leslie Goldstein, Pharm.D.


Association Between Parkinson's Disease and Cancer

Studies risk factors for cancer in Parkinson's Disease patients.

Principal Investigator: Bhuma Krishnamachari, Ph.D.


OMM and Athletic Performance, Movement Disorders, and Autonomic Function

Studies the effectiveness of OMM in the prevention of athletic injuries, in the treatment of cervical dystonica, and altering heart rate variability.

Principal Investigator: Jayme Mancini, D.O., Ph.D.


Effects of Exercise and Supplements in Students and Parkinson's Disease

Studies the effects of exercise and activity of medical students through (Fitbit devices). Studies lymphatic pump effects on improving functional outcomes and recovery in athletes. Also studies the effect of nicotine gum on blood pressure in Parkinson's disease subjects.

Principal Investigator: Joanne Donoghue, Ph.D.


OMM and Biomarkers

Studies the effects of OMM on endocannabinoid levels.

Principal Investigator: George Cheriyan, D.O.