Proficiency Examinations

Credit for degree requirements and elective courses can be earned by achieving satisfactory scores on proficiency examinations. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DSST Subject Standardized Test (DSST) are nationally recognized proficiency exams that provide students the opportunity to demonstrate college-level knowledge and acquire credit applicable toward degree completion.

For a list of NYIT course equivalencies for these exams, please refer to the following:

Quick Information on Taking CLEP/DSST Exams

Information on finding a local test center, examination fees and suggested study material is available at the websites noted.  When taking a CLEP or DSST exam, be sure to indicate NYIT’s college code as the “score recipient” to have an official report sent to us.

NYIT College Code
CLEP $80 2561
DSST $80 9248
  • CLEP offers 33 exams and charges $80 to take an exam. 
  • DSST offers 39 exams and charges $80 to take an exam. 
  • Contact local test centers directly for information on their exam schedules and testing fees.
  • CLEP exams are computer-based.  DSST exams are either paper- or computer-based, depending on the test center.
  • Exams (without essay) are typically multiple-choice and timed—1 ½ hours for CLEP and 2 hours for DSST.   
  • When taking an exam, NYIT will receive an official score report only if our college code is indicated as the “score recipient.”
  • If you take a CLEP or DSST exam and do not pass, it will not be noted on your NYIT transcript.  However, you will have to wait three months to retake the same exam.
  • Credit for CLEP and/or DSST is named as Proficiency Exam (PE) credit on NYIT transcripts. 
  • NYIT currently charges $65 per course to post Proficiency Exam (PE) credit to transcripts.
  • All prior learning policies outlined in the NYIT Catalog apply.

Please be sure to obtain academic advisement before taking proficiency exams, and contact me if you need any assistance with the process.

Katie Lyons
Associate Director of Evaluations
Office of Prior Learning
Room 219, Gerry House, OW Campus
Tel: 516-686-7914

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