Wafa Bengra

M.S. ’07
Wafa Bengra

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about Wafa Bengra’s role as a digital communications specialist is that she is an expert in all areas of communications. “What’s really true is that we work as a team in harmony,” Bengra explains. “Communications is a mix of art and science, and this is where I find the beauty of it all. Everyone has his or her own specialty, in addition to being able to work together to deliver the final art piece.”

Bengra is part of the digital communication team at Mubadala, an investment and development company in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., where she oversees digital platforms, specifically the intranet for employees. “One strategic initiative that I am currently working on is the launch of an enterprise social platform that ties Mubadala to its business and assets, facilitating collaboration and business interactions,” she says. In addition, Bengra is also the business partner for Mubadala’s IT unit.

The alumna credits her NYIT education with getting her where she is today. “It definitely shaped my career and allowed me to see the big picture, interacting with students from various backgrounds, and working in diverse industries,” she explains. Her time at NYIT-Abu Dhabi also gave her advanced insight into her field, which ultimately allowed her to perform better in a professional environment. “Studying at NYIT taught me to find a solution for any obstacle and never give up. It also boosted my confidence level, which I think was the key for my significantly higher performance at work.”

That confidence was necessary when it came time for her to make a career change. “The brave jump I made from working more than 10 years in a pure IT industry to become a communications specialist at Mubadala—it took a lot of courage, hard work, the willingness to learn new subjects, and long hours of dedication,” she says. “My best achievement is that my career path is progressing year after year.”

While her days may be filled with overseeing Mubadala’s intranet, Bengra does take time out for herself. “I like spending time with my family. I work long hours and having the opportunity to be with my loved ones is very valuable,” she says. Bengra has also volunteered as a den leader with the Boy Scouts and taught fourthand fifth-graders how to create websites. “I love learning and expanding my horizons. It makes me feel alive,” says Bengra, who recently received a diploma in social media marketing. Looking back, Wafa Bengra has fond memories of her time at NYIT-Abu Dhabi, a campus she learned about from her brother, Sofian, who also studied here. “He was excited to be admitted and encouraged me to join. It was the best decision I made.”