Video Profile: Matej Selecky

Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Finance, M.B.A.
Long Island
Video Profile: Matej Selecky

Matej Selecky doesn’t take the term “student-athlete” lightly. In his senior year as a member of the men’s tennis team, he excelled in the classroom and on the court: he broke school records for most wins in a single season, was named East Coast Conference Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year, and was ranked among the top 10 in the nation for singles and top 15 for doubles. He also nailed a few aces in the academic arena by participating in the Business Analytics Competition, the Broadridge Challenge, and the Student Managed Portfolio program.

But Selecky’s biggest challenge at NYIT was mastering the English language. When he first arrived at NYIT from his home city of Bratislava in the Slovak Republic, he could barely speak the language. Now, after years of hard work and lots of studying, Selecky speaks English fluently and feels comfortable writing essays and giving elaborate presentations. This confidence has given him the courage to pursue his passion for business.

Selecky has been interested in business for as long as he can remember. He recalls a time when he would create spreadsheets for himself and his friends to help manage finances. In order to pursue his goals, Selecky knew that he had to find the right school.  NYIT, he said, has pushed him to grasp the major concepts needed in order to succeed in the business world. “The different programs and challenges, like my favorite, the Fed challenge [the College Federal Reserve Challenge], not only exposed me to the financial field, but also helped me to better understand the economy as a whole, all while participating with a group of students in this unique challenge.” He also credits NYIT with allowing him to network and connect with business professionals and to learn from their expertise.

As he starts his final semester before graduating in December 2017, Selecky has his sights set on a bright future that involves all of his ambitions. He still dreams of becoming a professional tennis player, and he is looking forward to taking what he has learned at NYIT and tackling the financial world.