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Venus Zhang

NYIT’s Executive M.B.A. program changed how Venus Zhang thought about strategic planning and international economic structure. It also gave her the time and perspective to ponder the future of China, its support of public business and innovation, and how important it is for Chinese entrepreneurs to think big and become leaders in their industries.

Zhang started out working in traditional manufacturing two decade ago and now spends her time at the helm of three diverse companies: Shandong Boshiyuan Biotechnology CO., Ltd., Boshijie Agricultural Technology Popularization Co., Ltd., and New York Sino-time International Tourist and Cultural Media Co. Ltd. “Many people said that I am a workaholic," she says of her chaotic schedule, "but I never feel tired or lose my mental balance."

Her mid-career decision to come to New York to get her master’s degree at NYIT opened up many worlds for Zhang. She learned about Western culture and overcame her difficulty with the English language, and she gained valuable insights by visiting Stanford University, the United States Military Academy, transnational companies, and top tech companies in Silicon Valley. She also participated in meetings at the United Nations and was a guest at the homes of congressional leaders.

NYIT’s Executive M.B.A. program made a great contribution to the educational exchange and cooperation between China and America. ”

China supports executives who study business overseas and then return to China and focus on industry improvement and development. Zhang emphasizes that NYIT’s Executive M.B.A. program “made a great contribution to the educational exchange and cooperation between China and America.”

There are great benefits to returning to school after being in the workforce for many years. “I have experienced many failures,” Zhang recounts. “I’ve had to reinvent myself and start from scratch.” Those experiences and returning to school have strengthened her positive attitude and helped her develop her business acumen. Now, as the CEO of three companies, she can use her “innovative thinking” to lead teams in their work in the bio-tech, agriculture, and eco-tourism industries.

She stresses that passion and prudence are vital qualities to possess when going into business. “It is important to choose a good project and set a good target.," she says. “Choice—in the type of business you set up as well as the people you hire and people you work with—is more important than effort.”

With industry growing at a rapid rate, China has been named the “world factory," but that comes with problems. "The country has made a huge contribution to the world, at the cost of pollution and damage to the environment,” says Zhang. Her goal is to help reverse some of those damages while also contributing to China’s economic development, prosperity and modern eco-agriculture. “With high-tech power, we can turn waste into wealth, recycle, and make changes that will benefit future generations.”