Sunitha Vijayakumar

M.B.A. ’15
Sunitha Vijayakumar

After obtaining a degree in commerce from the University of Madras in southern India, Sunitha Vijayakumar began working as a supply chain analyst for global professional services company Accenture. When she realized she would need to further her education to climb higher, Vijayakumar decided to leave India and find new opportunities in North America.

She set her sights on a university that would allow her to amplify her career and access high-caliber companies and clients. NYIT-Vancouver immediately interested her: NYIT had the strong international reputation she desired and the M.B.A. in Operations and Supply Chain Management program enabled her to choose to study in either the United States or Canada.

“NYIT is a global university in all senses,” says Vijayakumar. “Not only do students have the chance to switch between campuses if they choose, but they also get to interact with people from all over the world, no matter where they decide to study.”

While at NYIT, Vijayakumar concentrated in decision sciences, taking courses such as Decision Support Systems, Simulation Modeling, and Operations Management Applications to build on her existing knowledge. She even gained real-world work experience in Canada by working as an analyst at Wardell International, a business advisory services firm in Vancouver.

Within a month of graduation, Vijayakumar had received several appealing job offers from multi-national companies. She chose to become a Supply Chain Specialist at Creation Technologies, a global electronics manufacturing services provider in British Columbia that accommodates large-scale corporations like Amazon and Sony.

“To me, the whole world can be viewed as one huge supply chain,” explains Vijayakumar. “Any product you use goes through many hands before it gets to you, and everything is linked together. It is so enjoyable for me to understand how the whole system works.”

To supplement her M.B.A., Vijayakumar is completing a Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) certification from Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) of Canada to become a registered supply chain consultant and further accelerate her career growth.

“NYIT gave me the confidence to manage and supervise a high volume of supply chain activities for customers in the aerospace, defense, security, medical, and transportation industries,” says Vijayakumar. “I feel very empowered by what I learned at NYIT.”