Student Profile: Tricia Creft

B.S., Nursing
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
Queens Village, N.Y.
Student Profile: Tricia Creft

Forging Ahead

Before coming to New York Tech to study nursing, Tricia Creft worked in human resources, hiring nurses for various roles. “Although I loved my job, I always felt something was missing. I wanted to have a bigger impact and no longer desired to sit behind a desk. I knew the field of nursing, which allows me to have a direct impact on people’s lives, was for me,” she says.

Throughout her years at New York Tech, one experience stands out: her capstone project. “I had the opportunity to work with a nurse within critical care and have more autonomy in providing the day-to-day tasks I will be performing when I graduate as a nurse,” she says.

Creft is getting ready to receive her degree in May 2022 and is also practicing singing the national anthem, which she will perform at the 61st Commencement ceremony. Having already performed in public at weddings, musicals, and in church, Creft wanted to add this performance to her résumé.

“I love music and love to move people through song,” she says. “I also have a six-year-old daughter that will be attending the graduation. I wanted to give her something to surprise and inspire her.”

After she graduates, Creft hopes to further her nursing career by becoming a family nurse practitioner. “My dream would be to open my own practice in the future,” she says.

And as she looks to the next cohort of students coming to New York Tech, she has this advice: “The pathway to success isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Just keep pressing forward.”