Student Profile: Saad Khan

B.S., Biology
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
New Hyde Park, N.Y.
Student Profile: Saad Khan

Get to Know SGA President Saad Khan

Saad Khan is the new president for the Student Government Association (SGA) on the Long Island campus. He sat down with New York Tech News to talk about why he chose biology as his major and how New York Tech is preparing him for the future.

What makes New York Tech stand out to you?
New York Tech stands out to me because of the diversity and culture that our school has. It has a community of people that are willing to help at every step of the way towards our future. Our school has many programs and opportunities that make it easy to get involved.

What is your major and what made you choose it?
I am a biology major, and I hope to go to medical school. I chose biology because it had always been a strong subject for me. I found an interest in it in high school through a teacher I had that made me enjoy learning it as well.

How is New York Tech preparing you for the future?
New York Tech is giving me the resources to learn and grow as a person. The SGA has given me the ability to improve on my public speaking as well as give me the ability to learn how to manage my time and be someone that people can depend on.

What have been some of the highlights during your time at New York Tech?
As a freshman, I participated in events and clubs. A highlight that I enjoyed was attending the first movie night in the parking lot. It was a good experience, and I was able to meet new people.

What would you like to accomplish in your career?
I want to accomplish what I love most, which is to help people that are in need.