Student Profile: Clement Banahene

Ghana, West Africa
B.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering
Year Expected to Graduate
Student Profile: Clement Banahene

A Place to Call Home

Incoming freshman Clement Banahene is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. The Box sat down with him to hear more about his plans at New York Institute of Technology and for the future.

Why did you choose to study at New York Tech?
As an aspiring student from a low-income family, financial constraints are the reasons why most minorities do not pursue their college educations. New York Institute of Technology sets aside financial difficulties to allow students to achieve their academic goals, like myself.

Why did you choose to study electrical and computer engineering?
When I was eight years old in Ghana, West Africa, the lack of electricity was one of the biggest challenges the country was facing. Without electricity, it was very difficult for students to do their schoolwork, and then many people could not use their refrigerator to preserve food, leading to the spoilage of food. All of these challenges affected my family. I remember asking my middle school teacher, ‘What is the best solution to these problems?’ He smiled and kindly replied, ‘We need more electricians and engineers in this country to help stop these problems.’ I said to him, ‘I want to help,’ and he said back to me, ‘You better study hard to achieve your goal.’ Ever since then, I have always wanted to be an electrical engineer. Thinking about all of these past conversations in Ghana, and my future career goals motivate me to study even harder.

How do you think your New York Tech education will help prepare you for your future career?
I believe the faculty and staff at New York Tech can help me to achieve my goals. I enjoy building electronic devices with my hands, and I want to use those talents for good. I have a dream, and I know New York Tech will help me to achieve it. I know that the work will be challenging but also rewarding. I believe this school will prepare me for life’s challenges as I strive to reach my potential.

What are you most looking forward to at New York Tech?
We live in a world where cultural awareness is always a subject of discussion, as racial slurs, homophobia, and so many other problems divide the country. New York Tech offers a diverse environment, a place where all students, no matter your origin, race, skin color, religion, etc., can call home. This is what I’m looking forward to at New York Tech