Student Profile: Alvin Stanley

B.S., Life Sciences/D.O., Osteopathic Medicine
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
New Hyde Park, N.Y.
Student Profile: Alvin Stanley

In Pursuit of Helping Others

Alvin Stanley is on his way to becoming the first doctor in his family. “I have always been passionate about entering the medical profession,” he says. “Throughout my life, I’ve had the desire to help those around me not just as a career but in my way of life. Becoming a doctor aligns with many of the values I feel strongly about.” He chose New York Tech’s seven-year B.S., Life Sciences/D.O., Osteopathic Medicine program because it offered a direct path towards achieving his goals. Stanley sat down with The Box to talk about what he hopes to accomplish as secretary of the Student Government Association (SGA) on the Long Island campus and his plans for the future.

Tell us a little about your academic career?
Education has always been an important aspect of my life. Both my parents came to America as immigrants. My dad received an associate degree, and my mom never got to complete high school. They both had to prioritize and take care of their families. Hearing my parents’ story has given me the drive to work tirelessly. As a first-generation college student, I pushed myself to follow the arduous journey to become the first doctor in the family.

Why did you join the SGA and what do you hope to accomplish?
I plan on getting campus life poppin’! I hope to encourage students to join organizations or connect those with similar interests to create new organizations, so they don’t just go to New York Tech for classes but also go for dance practice, a general meeting, or a formal. I also plan to publicize events for clubs, so students are aware of what’s happening on campus. I look forward to seeing more engagement on campus and creating a more open and accepting environment for all students.

How is New York Tech preparing you for the future?
New York Tech has taught me how to network and communicate with peers. It has prepared me to manage my time, meet deadlines, and work with people to set and achieve goals. Since my first semester, I have been involved on campus. My leadership experience includes being the internal vice president of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity Inc., director of communications of the Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council, graphic designer for the South Asian Student Association, co-founder and president of the Nashaa Dance Team, and public relations chair for Girl Up [a movement to advance girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders]. New York Tech has taught me what it takes to be a leader.

What are your goals for the future?
I hope to attend medical school and maybe pursue an M.B.A. to understand the business side of medicine. I am not completely sure what specialty of medicine I want to go into, but I have thought about specializing in family medicine or anesthesiology. I have even considered becoming a military doctor. But when I do become a doctor, I want to serve underprivileged communities.