Student Profile: Aiseosa Irowa

Hempstead, N.Y.
M.S., Medical/Healthcare Simulation
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
Student Profile: Aiseosa Irowa

Making the Right Move

Aiseosa Irowa is always looking for the next challenge. When she felt that she wasn’t being stimulated enough in her classes, she looked into transferring to a more rigorous school. New York Institute of Technology was at the top of her list. “I knew New York Tech would provide me the opportunity to compete amongst the best of the best,” she says. “And my father, being an alumnus of New York Tech, ultimately helped to solidify my decision to transfer.” It wasn’t the only choice inspired by her parents. Her father is an electrical engineer, and her mother is a special education teacher. Together, they sparked her interest in both science and service. “I come from a family of professionals,” she says. “I also have many aunts, uncles, and cousins with careers in healthcare, engineering, and law.” 

Irowa, a recipient of the New York Tech Graduate Alumni Award, says it was not long before she realized transferring was the right decision. “I would meet with my professors during their office hours, and they were so eager and willing to help me,” she says. “My professors offered me valuable life advice in addition to wanting me to succeed in their class. I didn’t get that kind of help at my previous school.”

After earning her bachelor’s in biology, Irowa wanted to find a way to combine her passion for science with her desire to help people. Ultimately, she chose to pursue a master’s degree in medical/healthcare simulation, a methodology that uses advanced educational technology to train healthcare professionals. “It is the only program that I came across that distinctively combines both science and technology in healthcare,” she says. “This program prepares its students for careers that can transcend traditional healthcare into other sectors such as law enforcement, the hospitality industry, aviation, and the military.

It has never been more essential to leverage technology in the world of healthcare. In a recent project, Irowa applied her skills to help in the fight against the pandemic by providing COVID-19 samples to a company working on a vaccine. “With the use of observation, experimentation, and natural phenomena, science constantly forces us to think beyond set paradigms,” she says. “There is always more than one way to solve a problem.”