Pranav Krishnamurthy

B.S., M.S.
Class of
2014, 2015
Old Westbury
Pranav Krishnamurthy

“The way technology is advancing rapidly, you do a lot of self-teaching,” says Pranav Krishnamurthy. As a software developer at Sanef ITS Technologies America Inc., a leading mobile toll technology company, he's learning all the time. “When you drive through a toll and see 'E-ZPass Paid-Go', there's a whole process behind that,” he says. Krishnamurthy began working on his current project–developing proprietary technology to turn your phone into an E-ZPass tag—as an intern in 2010. At that time, he was an undergraduate student and always tinkering. “I was part of the robotics team and a member of the team that developed an IOS and Android app for The Campus Slate,” he says. Those projects have helped him succeed. “You're able to show that you can take what you learn in the classroom and make something,” he says. “It puts you that much closer to an offer letter.” While he continues to figure out how to increase accessibility and adaptability of technology at Sanef, Krishnamurthy's also already helping aspiring developers. “I mentor my high school robotics team every year,” he says. “It's awesome to see all those future innovators.”