Fabian Escobedo

White Plains, N.Y.
Early Childhood Education, M.S.
Year Expected to Graduate
Fabian Escobedo

Some people are destined to follow a certain path in life. Fabian Escobedo is one of those people. From a young age, he knew he wanted to be a teacher. He says it was his teachers at Eastview Middle School in White Plains, N.Y., who put him on the path to a career in education.

“The support I received from them as a student was exceptional,” he said. And now Escobedo wants to do for students what his teachers did for him.

“I love teaching with such a great passion. It is so fulfilling,” he said. “I’m trying to impact students’ lives, not just teach them. I’m preparing them for the future, whether it be writing skills, organizational skills, or life skills.”

After graduating from SUNY Cortland, the NYIT graduate student found a job in special education as a teaching assistant at his alma mater. With a degree in history and a minor in geography, Escobedo knew he would need his master’s degree to pursue his dream. When it was time to look into graduate schools, his colleague—and NYIT alumnus—Jherlyn Gomez (M.S. ’16), recommended NYIT. A decision he doesn’t regret.

“My experience at NYIT has been amazing. Everything my professors have taught me—from what to expect from students to how to integrate technology in the classroom to how to teach students—has been so helpful,” he said.

In fact, using what his professors have taught him has helped Escobedo raise one of his student’s grades to A’s and B’s. “The fact that my professors are helping me be a better teaching assistant shows me how far I’ll go as a teacher,” he said.

Escobedo is also excited about new technologies he believes will only enhance his teaching style. “I learn how to use different programs and technologies that I can bring to my classroom. For example, There’s an app called ToonDoo where you can create comic strips to use as a teaching method. So, if I was teaching a class on Alexander the Great, we would create a comic strip about his life.”

Escobedo’s love for education is only rivaled by his love for his family. “I’m especially close to my younger cousins,” he said. “I love spending time with them, helping them with their homework, and lecturing them on why they should do their best.”

Spoken like a true teacher.