Alumni Profile: Djimmetry Jean-Louis

B.S. ’15
Current Job
Nurse Manager, Northwell Health
Alumni Profile: Djimmetry Jean-Louis

Inspiring the Next Generation

Djimmetry Jean-Louis (B.S. ’15) has a deep connection with New York Tech. In October 2018, he was a keynote speaker at the Nursing White Coat Ceremony, inspiring the next generations of nurses. Jean-Louis sat down with The Box to talk about his career and experience as a student and clinical adjunct faculty member at New York Tech.

Were there any courses or professors that stood out to you while a you were a student at New York Tech?
Community health is a course that stood out as it gave me the opportunity to assess underserved areas within New York, and there were multiple professors that stood out. Dr. [Lisa] Sparacino most definitely paved the way for me in Nurse 102 back in 2013. She always served as a role model for me, and inspired me to always do great things for the profession.

You’re on the New York Tech Department of Nursing advisory board. What has that experience been like?
Being on the nursing advisory board at New York Tech is a tremendous honor. It allows me to be a voice of reason amongst my colleagues. I am able to discuss topics that are important to ensure we grow the nursing program.

Tell us about your career.
I am very thankful for the career that I have chosen. Nursing allows me to advocate for patients and families when they are vulnerable. Being in a leadership position, I am now in charge of ensuring that my team is focused and driven to deliver quality care to our patients and families. It is a win-win situation the way I look at it. I am able to have an impact on both patients as well as the staffs that are caring for these patients and their families.

What was it like to be the keynote speaker at the Nursing White Coat Ceremony at New York Tech?
Being a keynote speaker was very exciting. It granted me the opportunity to welcome future nurses to a profound profession. Not too long ago, I was in their shoes, and as a speaker I was able to offer some insight to ensure success in the program.

What has been your experience as a clinical adjunct at New York Tech?
I am granted the opportunity to coach, mentor, and work alongside students in their journey to become nurses. For me, it is very important to not only serve, but also the ability to relate to my students.