NYIT-Vancouver students


Vancouver Hosts Student Showcase

January 10, 2017

NYIT-Vancouver recently welcomed more than 100 guests to its third annual student showcase, “Experience NYIT.” The event introduces NYIT and highlights student work for potential employers and other members of the community. Campus Dean Irene Young, new to NYIT but a longtime member of Vancouver’s educational community, greeted industry partners, alumni, faculty members, and graduate students.

Nine top students shared their work in the fields of cybersecurity, energy management, instructional technology, and business administration. NYIT-Vancouver administers master’s programs in these four in-demand professional fields. Project topics included steganography (the practice of hiding secret data within non-secret data), carbon trading, and social media tools.

Leaders from a range of British Columbia industries attended the event. Some attendees are just getting acquainted with NYIT, while others have experience with NYIT faculty, students, and alumni. Outstanding current students were selected to share academic projects with visitors via posters and in-depth conversations, which allowed guests to probe the depth of their learning.

Grant McRadu, president of a Vancouver consulting firm, said, “The students displayed an excellent understanding of their projects, and, more important, a love of what they are studying.”

Student presenter Victor Badejo, who represented NYIT’s master’s program in information, network, and computer security with a project about securing electronic traffic light systems, said, “It was a privilege to participate in the showcase. My partner and I had the chance to interact with industry professionals on a technical level, and we also discussed risks in the business environment in general.”

Added Young, “A consultant who attended for the first time approached me about arranging internships for our cybersecurity students because our students are learning the exact skills that his business requires. I was really pleased with the amazing turnout for this event.”