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Social Life: Get to Know the Fall 2023 Social Media Ambassadors

October 31, 2023

Pictured from left: Natalia Chancafe, Mehrin Hossain, and Chethan Chandrasekhara are this semester’s New York Tech social media ambassadors.

Since fall 2020, students with a passion for social media and sharing a slice of life as a New York Tech student have participated in the Social Media Ambassadors Program.

Created to amplify the New York Tech student experience using the power of social media, the program empowers ambassadors to share their first-person view of a day in the life as a college student. These ambassadors have the unique opportunity to merge their student experience and creativity, and use current social media trends to showcase student life at New York Tech.

Meet the Fall 2023 social media ambassadors:

Natalia Chancafe

Communications and Media Production, B.F.A.

Natalia Chancafe’s role in the Social Media Ambassadors Program has done much more for her professional development than she could have ever dreamed. An ambassador for multiple semesters, Chancafe’s experience in the program helped her land her current position as a social media intern at CNBC. Back on campus, she has found the program allows her to connect with and learn more about fellow students around the university.

“I’m so surprised that I have been able to make such amazing friendships here,” she says of the benefits of being involved in extracurriculars. “As a commuter, I thought it would be hard to build close friendships, but the community at New York Tech is so friendly.”

When she’s not taking the reins of New York Tech’s social media channels, Chancafe is often participating in the university’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success, serving as managing editor for the Manhattan Globestudent newspaper, or performing hot yoga.

Why do you think the Social Media Ambassadors Program is important to current and prospective students?
It creates role models that students can relate to and creates a connection between New York Tech and its students. It also is a unique opportunity for creative students who love making content to gain experience.

What advice do you have for students who want to get involved as content creators?
Don’t be shy. If you want to become a content creator, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to be seen and noticed.

Chethan Chandrasekhara

Computer Science, M.S.

Chethan Chandrasekhara came to New York Tech from Bangalore, India, a bustling information technology hub often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India.

Pursuing his computer science education on the New York City campus has allowed Chandrasekhara to indulge his passion for adventure and exploring new places—an activity he can share with viewers through the Social Media Ambassadors Program.

“I have great enthusiasm for networking, guiding, and engaging with a diverse range of individuals,” he says. “I am excited about the extensive reach I can achieve through social media platforms to share my thoughts and ideas with a wider audience.”

Chandrasekhara has goals of becoming a tech entrepreneur, but until then, he will settle into his new role as a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Life and continue as president of the Graduate Student Association.

Why do you think the Social Media Ambassadors program is important to current and prospective students?
The Social Media Ambassadors Program is crucial for both current and prospective students as it provides an inside look into the university experience and fosters a greater sense of community.

What advice do you have for students who want to get involved as content creators?
Stay authentic and find a niche that genuinely excites you.

Mehrin Hossain

Biology, B.S.

For Mehrin Hossain, being a part of the Social Media Ambassadors Program has allowed her to pursue goals similar to what she hopes to accomplish in her future career as a cardiologist.

“I want to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of those I will serve,” she says of her career aspirations. Similarly, when she’s behind the smartphone lens on campus she is able to connect with a community and “highlight the engaging features of our college, encourage others to pursue their educational journey here, and showcase all our school has to offer for student life.”

Hossain is heavily involved in extracurriculars. She is vice president of the Bengali Student Association, fundraising chair for the American Red Cross Club, and event coordinator for the student chapter of Doctors Without Borders. She is also an active member of the American Medical Student Association and the Muslim Student Association. Hossain even started her own nonprofit organization in Bangladesh, the Being One Foundation, which seeks to reduce poverty, enhance education, and foster community growth.

Why do you think the Social Media Ambassadors program is important to current and prospective students?
By building genuine connections and offering valuable insights into campus life, the Social Media Ambassadors Program is significant for both existing and prospective students. Current students serve as easily accessible guides, providing unfiltered perspectives on their extracurricular and academic experiences. Students feel more of a sense of belonging because of this peer-to-peer connection.

What advice do you have for students who want to get involved as content creators?
To grow your following, post content that you genuinely enjoy. People with similar interests or hobbies will see this content, and hopefully it will catch their attention. It is also important to maintain the quality of your content and post consistently, but only in a manner that works well with your schedule and won’t compromise other important things in life. Overall, post the content you enjoy and are passionate about, but make sure to balance that with all the other things you have going on in your life.

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