NYIT librarian Danielle Apfelbaum and student Ilaha Jalilova.


Ready, Set, Innovate!

September 27, 2017

Pictured: Librarian II Danielle Apfelbaum and student Ilaha Jalilova testing a View Master virtual reality headset.

Undergraduate student Ilaha Jalilova now understands how virtual experiences have a real-world impact on her education.

At a recent Open House @ Innovation Labs event in Old Westbury, she and fellow students test-drove numerous digital devices, including virtual reality headsets, a MakerBot Z18 3-D printer, a NextEngine 3-D laser scanner, HD audio and video recording equipment, Internet of Things and Raspberry Pi starter kits, programmable robotic gear, and other high-tech tools. The labs are located inside Wisser Library in NYIT-Long Island and in the New York City Campus Library.

“That was awesome,” said Jalilova as she removed a View Master virtual reality headset. The device lets users explore fully immersive 360-degree environments and is powered by a smartphone inserted in front of the eyepiece that allows for a wide variety of dynamic visual experiences.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in life sciences, Jalilova plans to pursue a master’s degree in the physician assistant studies program.

“I can see virtual reality becoming very useful in helping me with health sciences and understanding anatomy,” she said, noting how such experiences allow students to engage in more immersive experiences from any location.

Besides the VR experience, what drew Jalilova’s interest at Open House @ Innovation Labs event was the 3-D printer.


IRobot Create 2 can be programmed to do just about anything.

“This can be great for creating 3-D bones and organs, as well as chemistry models, which would be a great help to students,” she added.

Caroline Herrera, who is a student in the physician assistant studies graduate program, agreed with Jalilova.

“With 3-D technology and virtual reality, I can already see how students can use these to participate in interactive surgical simulations and other medical procedures,” she said. With VR, Herrera added, “We can watch doctor rounds and see how they engage with nurses and other healthcare professionals in real hospital settings.”

Digital arts undergraduate Kaitlin Parker also looks forward to the many possibilities of 3-D printing. In addition to medical advances, such as prosthetic limbs, she also envisions how 3-D-printed bricks can reshape—quite literally—the construction of homes and other buildings.

“The technology is advancing so quickly, and we’re still trying to figure out the possibilities,” Parker said as she surveyed the Innovation Lab’s digital toolbox at NYIT-Long Island.

“You can make literally anything now,” she added. “It’s like someone reinvented clay.”

In addition to the event at NYIT-Long Island, an Open House @ Innovation Labs was held on September 19 at NYIT-Manhattan on third floor of the library and featured similar high-tech gear and demonstrations. Learn more about both locations, including 3-D printing services available to all NYIT community members and ways you can take advantage of these advanced digital creation tools.