New York Tech students stand with their poster


News Byte: Vancouver Students Showcase Their Scholarly Work

April 25, 2023

Pictured from left: Students Yuhang Wang, Rajveer Kaur, and Rimandeep Kaur stand with their winning poster presentation, “Antibullying E-Learning Module for Teachers,” at the Employer Student Showcase on the Vancouver campus.

This spring, New York Tech-Vancouver hosted the Employer Student Showcase. The event served to exhibit 15 projects conceived and executed by students, encompassing cutting-edge subjects ranging from sustainable fashion and renewable energy to advanced cybersecurity and quantum cryptanalysis. Each project was a testament to the students’ innovative thinking and commitment to addressing real-world challenges.

The showcase also served as a platform for recognition and celebration. Associate Professor of Computer Science Tokunbo Makanju, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Energy Management Remi Charron, Ph.D., and Associate Professor of Management and Marketing Studies Sinan Caykoylu, Ph.D., selected four poster projects and presented trophies acknowledging the students’ achievements.

The winners of the 2023 Employer Student Showcase are:

  • Rishabh Neb, Taniya Grace Joshua, Lijuan Song, Ankan Garg, Radin Zarringhalami, Arshdeep Kaur, and Pei-Yu Su for the “Third Pillar Book Club,” a student-community book club
  • Rajveer Kaur, Rimandeep Kaur, and Yuhuang Wang for “Antibullying E-Learning Module for Teachers,” providing resources for combating bullying in educational environments.
  • Eli Vazani and Smayan Daruka for “Using Qiskit for Quantum Cryptanalysis,” delving into quantum computing.  
  • Jasdeep Gulati for “Feasibility of Renewable Energy Generation on Musqueam Reserves,” investigating renewable energy opportunities in indigenous communities.

The showcase attracted an audience of nearly 300 individuals, including students, faculty, industry professionals, and sponsors, providing a unique networking opportunity to connect students with experts in various fields and fostering meaningful collaborations.