Dana Arschin with a camera filming on location.


News Brief: Reporter Dana Arschin Documents the Holocaust

October 18, 2018

Dana Arschin (M.A. ’10) filed her first story when she was in grade school. Now, she is a general assignment reporter at Fox 5 New York. This past April, she had the opportunity to travel to Poland to learn more about her roots and ancestors, who were murdered in the Holocaust. Fox 5 New York provided her with an HD cinematic video camera to document her journey. The segment aired on October 15 on the Fox 5 evening newscast. (Watch below.)

Arschin writes: “My 96-year-old grandfather, Nat, miraculously survived more than two years in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. I’ve always felt it was my obligation to share his stories because I know I wouldn’t be here today if not for his perseverance and will to survive. His parents and five of his siblings were all killed. … I put my blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into capturing nearly every moment of my trip. Then, I spent much of the last six months at Fox 5 writing a script and creating a broadcast segment about my Poland experience. The segment touches on my personal journey, but focuses on the different concentration camps that operated throughout Poland during WWII. It’s so important to remember the horrors of the Holocaust and keep the victims’ memories alive.”