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New York Tech Praised for Excellence in Online Teaching, Affordability in New Educate to Career Rank

June 4, 2020

New York Institute of Technology has earned Tier I status in the just-released Educate to Career (ETC) College Rankings, which this year refocused its methodology in response to COVID-19 and looked at a university’s ability to offer an affordable quality education under any conceivable scenario: in-classroom, online, or a blend of each format.

“With our expert faculty and years of experience in online instructional technology, we are committed to providing affordable, quality education in online as well as in-person or blended formats,” notes Junius Gonzales, M.D., M.B.A., New York Tech provost and vice president of academic affairs. “After our spring semester was completely altered by the fast-moving COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty showcased their expertise and unwavering support by quickly shifting to a refaced remote teaching platform and finding new methods of engaging students in their courses.”

New York Tech was one of only 27 (among the more than 100 colleges in the New York State ETC rankings) to meet the following criteria for Tier I status:

  • A physical campus for in-classroom instruction should the health authorities allow colleges to open in September.
  • Robust software and systems to support distance learning programs.
  • Faculty experience in teaching online.
  • Reasonable tuitions and fees on a relative basis.

“New York Institute of Technology is a Tier I college, excelling at online and in-classroom instruction, delivered affordably,” according to the ETC rankings announcement. “With the COVID crisis everything has changed regarding college selection criteria. With our new rankings system, a 'distance learning' component is mandatory for a high ranking simply because there is a real possibility that at least some instruction will be done via the Internet. Schools that have systems and experience in distance learning, with a campus to support in-classroom teaching have the right formula for today.”

ETC, a nonprofit organization formed in 2013, provides students, educators, and employers with a forum to work toward a common goal: the gainful employment of young people in the area of their study. Its work highlights the need for factual educational attainment and career outcomes data that students, parents, and educators can use to make prudent college/career planning decisions.

Over the years, ETC has expanded its efforts to include data and programs for career counselors, college institutional effectiveness departments, and employers and recruiters.

The organization launched its rankings of U.S. colleges, listed by state, in 2014 to address economic metrics, including colleges' abilities to graduate students at a reasonable cost and get them into the labor market with high relative earnings.