New York Tech Expands Co-op Education Offerings

August 9, 2022

On the heels of launching New York Institute of Technology’s first cooperative education (co-op) track for students in two of its undergraduate programs (computer science and information technology), the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences is now expanding its co-op offerings to three additional degree programs. Beginning in the fall 2022 semester, students in the mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and construction engineering programs also can apply to participate in the co-op track.

A cooperative education experience, or co-op, provides academic credit for a structured job experience. It alternates a school term plus summer with a work period in a structured manner, involves a partnership between an academic institution and an employer, is paid, and is intended to expand the student’s educational experience. The opportunity to combine university study and full-time employment is available to students in the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences in their junior or senior year.

“We see the co-op option as transformational for the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences. The addition of three majors signifies the emphasis that New York Tech puts on the critical role of experiential education,” said Dean Babak D. Beheshti, Ph.D. “We are planning to expand the co-op option to all of the undergraduate majors we offer. This goal is consistent with the mission of New York Tech and in line with our vision to be an instrumental player in shaping the region’s workforce development, and consequently the region’s economic development.”

Four New York Tech undergrads majoring in computer science or information technology began co-op tracks this summer and comprised the inaugural cohort. Participating students, who will work at their tech-focused employers for 24 weeks through the fall 2022 semester, include:

The employers in the inaugural cohort are based on Long Island; New York Tech’s Office of Career Success and Experiential Education is working with Peter Goldsmith, M.B.A., co-op director and adjunct assistant professor, to secure other employers in and around New York City.

“We have learned from our first group of co-op students what is working well, and gained insight into planned changes that will make the program even better. The initial results prove to us how New York Tech can make our students’ educational experience even more valuable,” Goldsmith said.