How to Start a Fitness Routine


How to Start a Fitness Routine

January 14, 2016

As part of an ongoing series on The Box, NYIT medical experts share health tips and information about the services offered at the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine in the Academic Health Care Center on the Old Westbury campus. Up next: exercise tips.

Regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy. At the NYIT Center for Sports Medicine, our team of physicians, physical therapists, and physiologists is available to provide exercise program recommendations. To establish a successful personal fitness routine or exercise program on your own, follow five simple tips:

Start Now

Don't delay or find excuses. Start your program now and worry later about the details. As with many things in life, the first step is the hardest.

Take It Slow

Pace yourself. Avoid running five miles if you've barely left the sofa in years. Overdoing it will only cause injury and enough muscle aches to quash your drive. Whatever your sport, start slow. Try a half-mile walk followed by half-mile jog, or shoot baskets for 15 minutes and then play 15 minutes of pick-up basketball.

Have Fun

Choose a fitness routine that fits your interests. If you played tennis years ago and enjoyed it, consider resuming lessons. If you're curious about the newest fitness machines at your local health club, follow your instincts and check them out. If you like interacting with people, consider learning a new sport and making it a social event.

Work Out with Friends

Your friends are your motivators. Meet a friend at a fixed time at the gym or plan to jog regularly at the park. Or suggest a weekly group meeting with a few friends to take a yoga class or play an indoor soccer game.

Set an Attainable Goal

Based on your current level of fitness, work toward a milestone. For example, aim to train for and complete a three-mile race a few months down the line in the new year. If you are new to exercising, work out for 15 minutes three times a week and build up to a more strenuous workout by adding a spinning class to your routine.

Be Smart and Safe

If you have not exercised in a long time due to a medical condition, weight gain, or another reason, schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure you are ready for your new routine.

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