Healthy Tips for Juicing

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Healthy Tips for Juicing

April 27, 2015

On your latest trip to the Student Activity Center in Old Westbury, you may have noticed a gleaming new piece of equipment making colorful concoctions-a state-of-the-art juicing machine. It's the latest addition by NYIT Dining Services as we continue efforts to customize campus eateries to meet students' needs. Our health-conscious Chef Mike Durr blends five juices loaded with nutritious ingredients, including the popular "24-carat-gold juice," made with carrots, apples, and ginger. "It's a good way to ease yourself into the juice world," he says.

Want to know more about juicing? NYIT faculty members Joanne Donoghue, Ph.D., assistant professor of osteopathic medicine, and Patricia Happel, D.O., assistant professor of family medicine, offer their insight.

What are the nutritional benefits of drinking fruit and vegetable juices?

Happel: Homemade juices made with vegetables and fruits have the nutrients to fight toxins and chemicals living within our digestive system. They also lack the processed chemicals that often cause weight gain. If you have difficulty consuming six to eight daily servings of vegetables and fruits, juicing may help to jumpstart your weight loss.

Is juicing just a trend or a dieting necessity that's here to stay?

Donoghue: Juicing has been a health fad for sometime, however, I do not believe it will ever disappear. In general, it's not any healthier than eating the whole fruit or vegetable, but it's done for various reasons. If you are fasting or doing a body cleanse, juicing enables you to easily remove the fiber from fruits and vegetables. You'll absorb vitamins and minerals better and your digestive system will get the rest it needs during a fast.

What are some helpful tips for someone who is new to juicing?

Donoghue: There are so many variations and combinations of fruits and vegetables that you can try. Keep in mind that juice quickly spoils. Enjoy it the same day you make it. If you have specific health reasons for juicing, make sure to consult an alternative health expert for help in creating a combination that best fits your needs.

Happel: Balance fruit or vegetable juices with proteins. Some of the best sources of protein include peanut butter, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and flaxseed. And please avoid added sugars.

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