From Teacher to Journalist: How I Made a Career Change at NYIT


From Teacher to Journalist: How I Made a Career Change at NYIT

August 28, 2015

B-106 was the classroom where I taught high school English in Massachusetts. I sought to inspire my students to achieve success, but I soon realized they were inspiring me in another way.

At the time, I felt the public was unaware of what really goes on inside of America's classrooms—the socioeconomic issues, racism, and immigration matters—and needed to understand the bigger picture. There are reasons why students don't always have their homework, lunch money, or winter jackets, and those reasons should be reported on fairly. Toward the end of my sixth year of teaching, I decided to quit my job and enroll at NYIT, where I had earned my bachelor's degree. This time, I pursued a Master of Arts in Communications. I wanted to become a journalist to tell the stories of my former students.

As an NYIT graduate student, I became involved in LI News Tonight at the Old Westbury campus and developed skills essential to any television news reporter. I learned how to shoot, write, edit, and report several types of news stories—including stories on education in America and Africa.

I've gone completely out of my comfort zone to transition from teacher to journalist. I now work as a freelance journalist based in Massachusetts. Thanks to the hands-on training I received at NYIT, I have come a long way today. NYIT was part of my major life change and I'm grateful for my education. Congrats to NYIT on its 60th anniversary!

This content is part of The Box's "60 Years in 60 Days" series in celebration of NYIT's 60th anniversary in 2015.