Carol Dahir with NYIT and Ochanomizu University students in Tokyo, Japan.


From NYC to Tokyo: Students and Faculty Members Explore New Approaches to Their Field

October 18, 2016

Photo: Carol Dahir with NYIT and Ochanomizu university students in Tokyo, Japan.

Through panel discussions, study abroad opportunities, and summer institutes, students and faculty members in NYIT’s School Counseling program are exploring new ways to approach their field, support tolerance and diversity, and prepare for successful careers.

In June, Carol Dahir, professor and chair of School Counseling, moderated a panel discussion at the United Nations Interfaith Education in Conflict Prevention and Sustainable Peace conference. Members, delegates, and representatives who are involved in international peacebuilding activities gathered to discuss tolerance, interfaith education, and respect for diversity. Dahir moderated the panel, Identifying the Conflicts and Interfaith Education.

In July, NYIT welcomed school counseling graduate students as well as students from around the country to the Ninth Annual Summer Institute: Cultural Competence for School Counselors and Educators. During the five-day experiential learning program, students explored the diversity of New York City, met with cultural and educational leaders to better understand how to serve and support culturally and ethnically diverse student populations, and took part in daily panel discussions and other educational activities. The group also visited museums, toured New York City neighborhoods, and worked with specific high school student populations.

Finally, in August, Dahir accompanied six recent NYIT graduates—Ben Bocian, Diana Bonilla, Kim Brown, Julie McCullough, Stephanie Mueller, and Sharrone Usher—on a study abroad program at Ochanomizu University in Tokyo, Japan. Over nearly two weeks, they met with a dozen masters and doctoral students from Ochanomizu University, studied school counseling models, and explored the Japanese educational system. They also visited cultural organizations and youth agencies. For the past three years, Ochanomizu University students have participated in NYIT’s Cultural Competence Institute, hosted by the School Counseling program.

“Successful programs like these help prepare students for careers in school counseling,” said Dahir, “but more importantly, we provide masters level counseling students with hands on experiences that complement theory and knowledge acquired through lecture, discussion, and readings.” She added, “This is what makes our school counseling program unique.”