Cybersecurity Best Practices


Cybersecurity Best Practices

February 19, 2021

As people shift to working, learning, and socializing virtually, it is important for them to learn about common cybersecurity threats and how to protect themselves and their devices from attacks to prevent the loss of personal, financial, and employer data.

At the “Personal Cybersecurity: Prevention, Awareness, and Career Pathways” webinar, industry leaders focused on personal cybersecurity as well as best practices and careers in the field. Speakers Eileen Guzzo, president and Founder of Donnelly & Moore Corporation; Ileana van der Linde, executive director and cybersecurity awareness global program lead – asset and wealth management at J.P. Morgan; and Michael Nizich, Ph.D., director of the Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center at NYIT College of Engineering and Computing Sciences tackled these issues at the February 11 event.

To secure personal devices against cyber threats, the panelists recommended utilizing password managers, virtual private networks (VPN), virus and malware protection, and wireless routers.

The webinar also covered career opportunities in cybersecurity, which is one of the fastest-growing technology sectors today. With billions of connected internet devices coupled with the growing number of security breaches and recent cybersecurity attacks, cybersecurity professionals are essential to help secure the data of individuals and organizations. There is a growing demand for cybersecurity analysts, application security experts, and security leaders.

Attendees walked away with the tools, knowledge, and encouragement to protect themselves and their personal devices from cyber threats and brought to light the need for more cybersecurity professionals.

The event was held in partnership with Donnelly & Moore Corporation, J.P. Morgan, and the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.