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Community Conversations: Emotional and Mental Health Well-being

August 11, 2020

The fifth Students First: Community Conversations was held on August 6, and featured Director Michael Schneider, MSW, and Associate Director Tiffany Ciprian, LCSW, from the Office of Counseling and Wellness. Schneider and Ciprian addressed questions and concerns that many students have regarding emotional and mental health and well-being during the school year and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on to learn about the resources available to assist students with their mental and emotional health.

Will there be counseling and wellness events this fall?
“The Office of Counseling and Wellness is planning a virtual drug and alcohol awareness conference this fall, and is looking into a meditation and yoga live stream,” said Ciprian. Counseling sessions will also be available virtually. Schneider noted that if requested or needed, there is always the option for planning more events for the student body.

What counseling options are available at New York Tech?
Both the New York City and Long Island campuses offer group and individual counseling sessions, all of which are free. Schneider described group counseling as a great way to feel connected to others and know that no one is alone in what they are feeling or experiencing. Students are free to take the conversation wherever they choose. With individual meetings, students can speak about their thoughts and problems and get direct advice from a counselor. It’s important to “schedule time for your well-being. It’s as important for your physical health,” said Schneider.

Are counseling sessions confidential?
All sessions are confidential unless a student signs a disclosure form stating otherwise. The counseling and wellness center abides by mental health laws. Ciprian mentioned that in group counseling, there has to be trust between the students and that no one will share what was discussed in the session.

How can students sign up for counseling?
Emailing a counselor and setting an appointment up is the easiest way to start sessions, and there is no waitlist for virtual meetings. There are two counselors at each New York campus. Students will receive information about counseling and wellness in their welcome kits. Contact a counselor.

Schneider also recommended that students follow the Office of Counseling and Wellness’s Instagram accounts; @nyitcounselingandwellnessli for the Long Island campus, and @nyitcounselingandwellnessnyc for the New York City campus, to stay in touch.

What can students do on their own to enhance their mental health?
Finding a hobby that is an outlet for stress and anxiety is important, whether it be exercise, art, reading, meditation, yoga, or any other relaxing activity. Ciprian mentioned apps that can assist in mediation, like Calm and Headspace, and recommends these for those who have trouble decompressing after a stressful day. “Be aware of your mental health. Changes in feelings are okay, and we are always here to help,” said Schneider.

The Students First: Community Conversations is a series of discussions aimed at informing students on the changes to be made at New York Tech during the COVID-19 pandemic and the support systems that are available to members of the New York Tech community. Tune in on August 13 at noon to hear from Pennie Turgeon, M.B.A., vice president for information technology and chief information officer, to learn about New York Tech’s investments and updates in technology for the fall 2020 semester.

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