Screenshot of Facebook Live segment.


Coming to You Live from the Internet: NYIT Student Affairs

September 13, 2017

On September 7, NYIT Dean of Students Gabrielle St. Léger (better known as “Dr. Gaby”) launched her monthly sit-down series with students. Her broadcasts will focus on issues students face on campus. Topics range from health and wellness to tutoring to current events, and during each segment, St. Léger will answer questions.

The first session, Surviving the Fall Semester, was streamed on Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Periscope for Twitter.

“We have to go where the students are in order to get them important information that will help enhance their experience at NYIT,” said St. Léger. “They are on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Getting them information about ways to get involved, get assistance, and take advantage of resources through social media is the logical way to connect with our students today.”

Tune in to NYIT’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to learn about everything NYIT has to offer on both the Long Island and New York City campuses.

Watch Surviving the Fall Semester.