Become a LinkedIn Super User

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Become a LinkedIn Super User

April 20, 2016

Thinking about adding “buy more resumé paper” to your to do list? Think about this first: social media has fundamentally changed the way in which we advance our careers, and LinkedIn has become the platform of choice for job seekers and employers alike. So instead of “paper” and “printer ink,” add these tips to your to do list and stand out on LinkedIn.

Include Relevant Keywords

Recruiters, like nearly every other web user, use targeted searches to filter in on the right results—in this case, that’s you, the prospective applicant. If your profile doesn’t include relevant keywords that recruiters in your area of focus are looking for, you may be overlooked.

If you’re unsure what keywords are relevant to you then check out what your colleagues are saying in their own profiles. You can also search LinkedIn for the applicable job title to see if the keywords match-up.

Your Picture Tells Your Story

You've probably heard that you should use a professional headshot for your profile picture, and that's a good option. There’s also a more contemporary school of thought that using a photo of yourself engaging in activities outside of work may help you stand out from a crowded field of applicants. A picture from a recent trip, for example, shows off your personality and can be more humanizing than a standard headshot. Just remember: this is your professional, public persona. Don't choose a picture from the club!

Focus on Results

Stop using dull words like “duties” and “responsibilities” to describe your career successes. Focus instead on the results of your efforts. A prospective employer cares more that your widget production strategy “increased revenues by 50 percent and reduced inefficiencies by 10 percent” than the simple fact that you made widgets.

Build Your Network...

This isn’t the time to be shy. Reach out to anyone and everyone in your life—both past and present. Colleagues, classmates, acquaintances, neighbors ... no one is off-limits. A missed connection is a missed opportunity.

...And Network With Each Other

Follow NYIT’s LinkedIn University page and use the alumni tool. It allows you to see where your fellow graduates work, what they do, and where they live. Be bold and reach out to alumni at companies where you're interested in working. Your shared experience at NYIT might be that commonality that gets your foot in a door.

Connect with Recruiters

Believe it or not, there are real people on the other end of the headhunter accounts—and they want you to connect with them. Reaching out is a simple gesture that can put you on their radar for current or future job openings.

Google Thyself

While these tips can help you maximize your presence on LinkedIn, never underestimate the curiosity of prospective employers and the power of a Google search. Keep tabs on your online presence and don’t let a lapse in privacy and security settings on other social platforms undermine all of your efforts.

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