Students at campus lounge


A New Sense of Place

December 2, 2021

Pictured above: Salten Hall Student Commons on the Long Island campus.

Over the past two years, improvements on New York Tech’s campuses have spanned facilities upgrades in response to COVID-19 protocols to thoughtful new campus spaces that support students’ academic and extracurricular experiences. Here’s a look at what has been happening on our campuses.


New campus spaces incorporated the expertise of New York Tech alumni, including:

  • Joe Chiarelli (B.S.A.T. '92), Sean Payton (B.S.A.T. '03), Paul Sheridan (B.S.A.T. '04) with Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
  • Arthur Sikula (B.Arch. '79) with Ghirardi Stone
  • Brian Redlein (B.S.A.T. '94) with MBE Code & Zoning Consultants

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of New York Institute of Technology Magazine.