5 Ways to Gain Leadership Experience

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5 Ways to Gain Leadership Experience

April 16, 2015

Improve your resume and develop your professional savvy with tips produced by the offices of Career Services and Student Activities and Leadership Development.

Join a Club at NYIT: And take on a leadership role too while you're at it. Got an idea for a much-needed position such as a fundraising chair? Speak to the club's president about adding the role. View clubs at NYIT's Old Westbury and Manhattan campuses.

Become an Orientation Leader or a Resident Advisor: Employers know how much it takes to be successful in these roles. Your hands-on experiences will translate well into the professional world and you'll gain skills in teamwork, crisis management, building relationships, making presentations, and more.

Intern or Volunteer: NYIT Career Services is a great resource. Use Career Net to search for internships in your field of choice. Check out volunteer opportunities listed by the Community Service Centers.

Lead Group Projects: You don't need a fancy title to be a leader. Carve your own leadership role within a familiar setting. Leadership takes practice. Try guiding classmates to the successful completion of a project. Your professor will be happy and perhaps provide a great reference for you as well!

Join a Professional Association: There are associations for nearly every industry, from hotel management and engineering, to mathematics and teaching. Join one to network and gain more knowledge of your area of interest. Employers will be impressed that you're a member of the same association as they are, and your membership is another talking point for job interviews.