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Post-Anthropocentric Architectural Futures

November 9, 2023
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

16 W. 61st St., 11th Floor Auditorium and Online
New York, NY

The Anthropocene’s residues of human intervention are irremediably altering the Earth’s geophysical properties. These processes include the implementation of architectural projects and new cities that are fueled by natural resources’ extraction and result in the production and accumulation of waste. To this new geological era are also associated environmental catastrophes, caused by unsustainable human practices.

This scenario suggests a necessary paradigm shift in architectural thinking, both in theory and in practice. Spatial designers, informed by philosophy and environmental studies are, indeed, questioning the anthropocentric foundations of their work.

Post-Anthropocentric Architectural Futures wishes to identify the future directions of architectural theory and practice in light of these changes. It, therefore, raises these crucial questions: How is this new era shaping the architectural debate? How we will approach the challenges brought by the Anthropocene for a sustainable, decarbonized, localized, and circular economy? What are the alliances that can be potentially established between humans and non-humans? The emphasis on interspecies synergy, for instance, underlines major changes in the ways in which global identity models are shifting, opening towards the natural environment and, consequently, impacting architectural thinking.

This symposium opens up a multidisciplinary debate among female leading voices on the subject of post-Anthropocentric design that has the potential to shape the future of architecture.

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Introduction and Moderation

Francesca Romana Forlini

Visiting Assistant Professor, New York Tech School of Architecture and Design

Lydia Kallipoliti


Lydia Kallipoliti

Associate Professor of Architecture, The Cooper Union + Principal of ANAcycle design & research thinktank

Lydia Kallipoliti is an architect, engineer, and scholar whose research focuses on the intersections of architecture, technology and environmental politics. She is an Associate Professor at the Cooper Union in New York. Kallipoliti is the author of The Architecture of Closed Worlds, Or, What is the Power of Shit (Lars Muller Publishers, 2018), the History of Ecological Design for Oxford English Encyclopedia of Environmental Science (2018) and the editor of EcoRedux, an issue of Architectural Design in 2010.

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Catherine Ingraham


Catherine Ingraham, Ph.D.

Professor, Graduate Architecture Program, Pratt Institute. Author: Architecture's Theory (MIT Press 2023)

Catherine Ingraham is a tenured Professor in the Graduate Program of Architecture at Pratt Institute and a periodic visiting faculty member at the GSD, Harvard University and GSAPP Columbia University. Ingraham's publications include three books, Architecture and The Burdens of Linearity (Yale University Press, 1998, Architecture, Animal, Human (Routledge, 2006), and Architecture's Theory (MIT Press, 2023), and include numerous essays. Dr. Ingraham has lectured and presented papers at multiple national and internationals schools of architecture and was co-editor for eight years, with Michael Hays and Alicia Kennedy, of the critical journal Assemblage.

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Francesca Ferrando


Francesca Ferrando

Professor of Philosophy, NYU-Liberal Studies

Francesca Ferrando is Professor of Philosophy at NYU Liberal Studies. A philosopher, lecturer and translated author. A leading voice in the field of Posthuman Studies.

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