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Amanda Golden, Ph.D., associate professor of English in the Department of Humanities, delivered a discussion on February 15, 2024, titled "Writing about Archives" as part of the Modern Language Association's Sit and Write series.

Amanda Golden, Ph.D., associate professor of English in the Department of Humanities, co-chaired the local organizing committee for the Modernist Studies Association 2023 Conference held in Brooklyn, New York, from October 26 to 29, 2023. She and co-chairs, Patrick Deer (NYU), Matthew Hart (Columbia), and Nico Israel (Hunter College, CUNY Graduate Center), spent six years planning this major interdisciplinary, international conference that was initially to be held in 2020. The conference featured over 700 participants, including world-renowned scholars. Golden also co-organized the seminar, "Electrifying the Streets" on modernism and technology with Heather A. Love of the University of Waterloo; chaired a roundtable; and organized a publishing workshop and an excursion to the Brooklyn Museum.

Amanda Golden, Ph.D., associate professor of English in the Department of Humanities, gave a lecture on “Sylvia Plath’s Poetry,” for Koh-Ed Talks, at École Jeannine Manuel, Paris, France, on October 5, 2023.

Jessica Hautsch, Ph.D., teaching assistant professor of humanities, published a book on July 13, 2023, titled Mind, Body, and Emotion in the Reception and Creation Practices of Fan Communities: Thinking Through Feels. It discusses a novel way of analyzing fan thinking and creation, focusing on embodied, emotional, and communal cognitive systems. The book has been published as part of the Palgrave Fan Studies imprint, a book series specializing in the interdisciplinary field of fan studies.

Amanda Golden, Ph.D., associate professor of English in the Department of Humanities, presented “‘Editing Sylvia Plath at 90” at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston, Mass., on May 27, 2023. She organized and spoke on a panel, "Sylvia Plath at 90," which featured leading scholars including Elizabeth J. Donaldson, Ph.D., New York Tech associate dean and professor of English, who presented “Psychiatric Disability and Asylum Fiction."

Jonathan Goldman, Ph.D., professor of English, Department of Humanities, recently published an article, "The James Joyce Society at 75 Years," in The James Joyce Literary Supplement, a peer-reviewed publication, on March 22, 2023.

Jonathan Goldman, Ph.D., professor of English, Department of Humanities, was a featured panelist at a public program, "James Joyce's Ulysses - 100 Years Later," held at the New School in New York City on March 14, 2023. Goldman presented a paper titled "Ulysses, Style, and Joyce's Multiverse."

Kate E. O’Hara, Ph.D., associate professor of interdisciplinary studies, presented Ugh! Not Another Research Paper! Designing and Implementing a Humanistic Interdisciplinary Project at The Conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World on February 20-22, 2023 in Savannah, GA. In her interactive presentation, O’Hara shared details of implementing a humanistic interdisciplinary project that provides undergraduate students with opportunities for qualitative and quantitative research, independent learning, and problem-solving. Drawing from tenets of critical pedagogy, photovoice, participatory action, and intergenerational studies, students engage in scholarly inquiry within fully online and hybrid environments.

Amanda Golden, Ph.D., associate professor of English, Department of Humanities, published the chapter, “Lyric ‘Unpunctuation’: W. S. Merwin’s Early New Yorker Correspondence,” in the collection Reading W. S. Merwin in a New Century: American and European Perspectives, edited by Cheri Colby Langdell and published by Palgrave Macmillan on January 2, 2023.

Jennifer Griffiths, Ph.D., professor of English, Department of Humanities, published a new monograph, At Risk: Black Youth and the Creative Imperative in the Post-Civil Rights Era, with the University Press of Mississippi's Cultures of Childhood series, on December 16, 2022. The book focuses on literary representations of adolescent artists as they develop strategies to intervene against the stereotypes that threaten to limit their horizons. The authors of the analyzed works capture and convey the complex experience of the generation of young people growing up in the era after the civil rights movement. Through creative experiments, they carefully consider what it means to be narrowed within the scope of a sociological “problem,” all while trying to expand.