Training in Health Pol Studies

Name Title Credits School
TIPS 911 Current Issues in Health Policy 3 College of Osteopathic Med
The objectives of this lecture/seminar series are to prepare physicians-in-training to explore current issues in health policy and to provide an intensive overview in specific policy areas including: health economics and policy, access to care, vulnerable populations, the role of politics, multicultural medicine, managed care and healthcare workforce. Reading assignments, discussions and/or presentations will facilitate the learning process. These sessions are designed for physicians in training who have an interest in health policy and health delivery systems.

TIPS 912 Health Policy Brief 1 College of Osteopathic Med
The purpose of this research practicum is for individuals to research and present a paper on a health policy topic assigned in consultation with the program director.

TIPS 913 Health Policy Advocacy Processes 2 College of Osteopathic Med
The objective of this lecture seminar series is to provide individuals with background and detailed information regarding the development and implementation of health policy. Individuals are informed about the role of advocacy in health policy and the lectures prepare them to utilize advocacy tools to influence the policy process. Topics include an overview of: the history of health policy in the United States, the language of health policy, the economics of health policy, the role of the state in health policy, the role of the executive branch in health policy, and the role of the federal legislature in health policy. Seminars may also be provided by organizations such as the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) government relations staff. Assignments may include developing and discussing a health policy agenda with appropriate local, state or federal legislators.