Name Title Credits School
TEVE 600 Introduction to Television Studio Operations 3 College of Arts & Sciences
In an intensified training program, the student is expected to develop proficiency in the use of studio equipment involved in producing television material.

TEVE 640 Fiction Scriptwriting for the Visual Media 4 College of Arts & Sciences
Emphasis is placed on producing professional script material of a fictional nature working with original material or adaptations. The student will be concerned with analyzing and applying the elements of dramaturgy as they apply to writing for film and television.

TEVE 650 Advanced Television Workshop I 4 College of Arts & Sciences
This advanced course focuses on concepts and techniques used in television production. In a lecture/lab format, the student is exposed to and gains experience in the creative process. Both studio and field production will be covered using both video and film.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: TEVE 600

TEVE 700 Advanced Television Workshop II 4 College of Arts & Sciences
This advanced preproduction course emphasizes storyboarding for both live and animated production, including script analysis, set design, camera and actor blocking, art design, music, and sound effects.

Inst Cnst

TEVE 710 Electronic Field Production 4 College of Arts & Sciences
This workshop-project approach provides experience and skill in location techniques. A production team project is generally required including drama, music, and documentary. Extensive laboratory hours will be scheduled outside class sessions.

TEVE 750 Advanced Television Workshop III 4 College of Arts & Sciences
In this advanced course, each student takes full responsibility as a producer/director of his/her own show and will also participate as a crew member in producing the shows of other students.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: TEVE 700

TEVE 760 Video Editing 3 College of Arts & Sciences
In this laboratory course, the process of video editing will be explored. Videotape formats, the recording process and elements of postproduction management as they apply to the video editing environment will be studied. Familiarization with the operations of equipment in the edit suite, such as the edit controller, videotape recorder, and waveform monitor will be included. Equipment varies at each location. Each student will receive hands-on training on an editing system.