Name Title Credits School
SEM 601 Child Abuse Seminar 0 College of Osteopathic Med
This workshop focuses on the recognition of physical and psychological signs of child abuse as manifested in medical practice. Legal issues and reporting, mechanisms of suspected and/or identified child abuse are incorporated. This workshop satisfies the child abuse curriculum requirements for New York State medical licensure.

SEM 603 Infection Control Seminar 0 College of Osteopathic Med
This seminar acquaints students with necessary precautions to be taken in dealing with blood-borne pathogens and other infectious material in hospital and clinic settings. It satisfies the NYS and OSHA mandates for student education prior to enrollment in clinical clerkships.

SEM 605 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Seminar (HIPAA) 0 College of Osteopathic Med
This seminar presents the essential elements of this legislation as it applies to the health providers and medical students in a clinical setting. It addresses both major components of HIPAA - insurance reform, and administrative simplification.

SEM 701 Directed Study 6 College of Osteopathic Med
This course is designed and required for students who do not pass COMLEX Level II CE prior to graduation. This ten-week course will consist of three hours of Kaplan Prep, four hours of work in the health center along with OMM, two hours of work in the ICC and an additional hour of work with a designated mentor per week. In addition, students are required to work at home with Q Banks and sample exams. Students are required to bring with them the first day of class their score breakdown from the NBOME.

SEM 711 Directed Study- Board Prep 1 College of Osteopathic Med
Required for students who have completed all coursework to date, but have not passed the COMLEX-USA, Level I. Course is an educational program with individualized guidance with study skills development.