Occupat Health & Safety Engr

Name Title Credits School
OHSE 601 Safety Management Systems 3 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
Fundamental concepts and principles of industrial accident prevention and loss control; safety program organization; hazard recognition and evaluation; accident investigation; and personal protective equipment. The ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard will provide the framework for the course.

OHSE 650 Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health 3 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
Recognition, evaluation, and control of industrial hazards due to chemical and physical agents. Topics include occupational health standards, regulatory agency activities, effects of contaminants on human health, sampling and control of hazards, current issues.

OHSE 670 Prevention Through Design 3 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
This course will focus mainly on the critical role of ergonomics and human factors in the design of occupational tasks. Students will be able to design 30 models for safety retrofits such as machine guarding and personal protective equipment. Topics will include designing safe workplace environments, cost justifying design recommendations, engineering design optimization methods and the most current cutting-edge technology using work simulation, digital human models and virtual reality in the occupational design process.

OHSE 701 Emergency Response Management 3 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
This class covers the biology of microorganisms and toxins most frequently considered in perpetrated attacks. It also considers technology for detection and control for first responders, lab practitioners and other healthcare professionals, emergency communication, and prevention. In addition to lecture activities, students participate in group projects to simulate bioterrorism events and responses; government regulation, chain of evidence, and related topics are covered. The FEMA National Incident Management System (NIMS) will be used as the management framework.

OHSE 750 Training, Education & Communication for Safety Engineers 3 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
Concepts to build a strong and sustainable safety culture are the foundation of this course. Students will display knowledge of adult learning theory and techniques; presentation tools; culture and climate of the workplace; data collection, needs analysis, gap analysis, and feedback systems; assessing competency of the workforce.

OHSE 801 Capstone/Project 3 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
A capstone project to demonstrate the student's grasp of occupational health and safety engineering. The design of a novel management system, compliance program, or equipment redesign are typical of the project requirements.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisites: OHSE 601, OHSE 650, OHSE 67