Name Title Credits School
NYIT 000 Ellis ID 0 Conversion

NYIT 600 Spcl Topics Sem Bus 2 School of Management

NYIT 650 Micro-Internship 0 College of Arts & Sciences
Micro-internships allow students to investigate careers through short, project-based experiences while developing professional skills. This course will task students to develop the mindset of reflecting and learning from these professional experiences. Additionally, New York Tech partners with Parker-Dewey to run this program (MOU filed). Parker-Dewey does annual assessment for participating students and employers, but they do not assess student learning or provide ongoing, personalized support to students while interning. This course is to help us support participating students with professional development and will include formal orientations and reflections. It will also help us track experiential education participation across the institution. Classroom Hours- Laboratory and/or Studio Hours- Course Credits: 1-0-0