Name Title Credits School
NEWS 650 Television Newsroom Operations 4 College of Arts & Sciences
Students are part of a team producing LI News Tonight, a nightly newscast airing over Long Island cable systems. Students function as reporters, producers, editors, ENG operators, and in several studio positions.

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NEWS 660 Workshop in Documentary Photography 3 College of Arts & Sciences
The student will be assigned to a variety of projects wherein still photography as a communication medium will be applied to a variety of educational and public information activities. The student must demonstrate competency in still photography as a prerequisite and will be guided in producing and evaluating photo documentary material.

NEWS 700 Advanced Television Newsroom Technical Operations 3 College of Arts & Sciences
Students learn in greater depth various technical positions of the LI News Tonight operation. More detailed stories are shot, edited and taped under the continuing guidance of the news team. Qualified students perform as director, assistant director and switcher, as needed.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: NEWS 650

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