Clinical Medicine

Name Title Credits School
MTCM 701 Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2.00 College of Osteopathic Med
This course provides students with an introduction to the disciplines of third-year Core-Clerkships, along with practical skills and basic information needed to perform adequately in the following areas: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/ GYN, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery, as well as a didactic introduction to Medical Imaging, Patient Presentation and Critical Thinking. Emphasis will be placed on the Seven Osteopathic Medicine Competencies, Interviewing and Relationship Building Skills, History and Physical (H&P) Skills, Professionalism, Cultural Competence, Clinical Reasoning and Problem Solving, and Breaking Bad News. Additional topics will include Confidentiality, Documentation of Records. Methods of instruction will include lecture, discussion, demonstrations, and skill development utilizing standardized patients and live models.