Clinical Medicine

Name Title Credits School
MTCM 700 Core Exploratory Elective 4 College of Osteopathic Med
This four-week elective provides students with the opportunity to participate in an elective in which they can further explore an area of interest within core clerkships. Exploratory electives are decided by the Office of Clinical Education and are assigned one elective in their third year. These electives are dependent upon what is available in each student's assigned region.

MTCM 701 Introduction to Clinical Medicine 1 College of Osteopathic Med
This course serves as a preparatory experience for the NYITCOM clinical education program. This course provides students with an introduction to the disciplines of third-year Core-Clerkships, along with practical skills and basic information needed to enhance performance during third and fourth year clerkship rotations. This course includes but is not limited to mandatory modules/videos on: introduction to ultrasound, IV catheterization, suturing, scrubbing/gowning/gloving, Title IX, and body fluid precautions and exposure and implicit bias training. In addition, there are video references/links that include EKG interpretation, interpretation of laboratory results, radiology overview, and mental health services. Emphasis will be placed on the osteopathic medicine competencies. Methods of instruction will include various learning formats which can include online videos, power points, as well as hands-on experience where identified and acceptable based on state mandated policy. All activities will be site specific, based on identifiable needs of each site.

MTCM 702 Clinical Ultrasound 0.5 College of Osteopathic Med
This course will serve an introduction to the use of diagnostic ultrasound in the clinical setting. It will be comprised of two distinct components: an online set of video assignments; and a hands-on in-school skills session experience.