Name Title Credits School
MBAC 810 Thesis Seminar I 3 School of Management
Students conduct guided research under the supervision of a thesis advisor on a tutorial basis. Research interests of potential thesis advisors are made available to facilitate assignment of students and their advisors. MBA students are expected to conduct the bulk of the research during this course and complete the writing of the thesis in the following semester while taking MBAC 815.

MBAC 815 Thesis Seminar II 3 School of Management
Continuation of MBAC 810: sources of business information, data collection and survey techniques, experimental design, development of an independent research project, referencing and literature search, online database search and formal thesis writing format. MBA students are expected to complete the thesis before this course ends.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: MBAC 810

MBAC 820 Comprehensive Seminar 3 School of Management
An integrative course, designed to satisfy the cap stone requirements for graduation in lieu of thesis or oral examination. Alternatively, this seminar may be taken by students who wish to be guided in the preparation for the comprehensive oral examination. The subject matter of each of the core courses will be reviewed and special attention will be paid to the conceptual foundations of each of the core courses. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of the main concepts. A management simulation game will be utilized as an integrative instrument, as well as a means for the sharpening of the executive decision making skills of participants, via a simulated business setting.

MBAC 830 Comprehensive Oral Exam 0 School of Management

MBAC 890 Maintain Matriculation 0 School of Management
Matriculated students who do not register for coursework in a regular semester (excluding summer) are expected to maintain matriculation by registering for this course.