Name Title Credits School
LLAW 610 Legal, Organizational & Regulatory Risk 3 School of Management
This course examines the legal and ethical aspects of risk management and critical thinking in a business organization with a focus on organizational and regulatory risk. The course will train students to identify and analyze the impact of critical external and internal factors that can increase the level of legal, organizational and regulatory risk in a diverse global organization. This course draws from various theoretical perspectives and offers practical guidance to students as to how to design a system of practices and processes that will reduce the legal, organizational and regulatory risk that can impede organizational compliance.

LLAW 710 International Business Law 3 School of Management
This course examines the legal settings within which domestic and globally based businesses must operate. The focus will be on all aspects of the law that would impact the operation of a business including international business transactions, complex negotiations, conflict resolution and litigation, business conduct in a global economy, international sales, credits, commercial transactions, international and United States trade law and regulation of the international marketplace.