International Law

Name Title Credits School
INTL 705 International Economic Concepts and Policies 3 School of Management
This course provides a comprehensive conceptual framework for international commerce. Integrated treatment of theory, institutional arrangement, policy and treaties are employed to promote understanding of transnational trade and investment. Gains from international exchange are explained. Barriers to trade and investment are reviewed and analyzed. The case for and against free trade is presented. International agreements that spur or deter investment and trade are discussed. Policies influencing flows of goods, services and investments are evaluated. The international monetary system and its foreign exchange markets are studied in the context of alternative international adjustment mechanisms. Balance of payments concepts, structure and approaches to its determination, are examined.

INTL 710 Export-Import Operations and Finance 3 School of Management
This course will concentrate on development and execution of export/import operations. Sources of data and methods for evaluating market potential within the context of international agreements and regulations are explored. The methods of executing export/import transactions, including instruments of trade financing, are examined extensively.

INTL 715 International Financial Institutions, Markets and Instruments 3 School of Management
The post war explosion in international commerce and the revolution in technology have forever changed international finance. Financial institutions compete transnationally with innovative products and services. These institutions provide low cost access to multi currency financing through a variety of markets and instruments. The course will explore investment across markets and national borders. International money and capital markets and instruments are examined. Techniques for evaluating various financial instruments are reviewed. The historic record of performance, in terms of rate of return and risk, of a broad spectrum of markets and instruments are assessed in the context of diversification.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: FINC 601

INTL 725 Multinational Business Management 3 School of Management
International business is affected by a myriad of legal complexities, resulting from diverse codes of conduct, multiplicity of legal systems and regulations, promulgated by nations and international organizations. The primary objective of this course is to provide business students with the legal concepts and guidelines which are necessary for a successful engagement in international business transactions. The course explores the legal ramifications of transnational operations including contract devices, intellectual property rights, extraterritorial application of laws and sovereign immunity, act of state doctrine, labor laws and dispute settlement, key functional areas such as manufacturing, R&D, human resources and marketing.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: MGMT 605

INTL 735 International and Regional Organizations and Arrangements   3 School of Management
The course will identify the main international and regional organizations, institutions, arrangements, and treaties. National organizations and agencies, affecting international business activity on an ongoing basis, will be discussed. Formation and evolution of trading blocks and common or shared markets will be examined. Trends in post Cold War international cooperation and competition will be analyzed. Focus is on the dynamics of the interactions among countries, regions, and their political and economic agents, in order to derive specific implications for marketing, organizational and financial strategies of the firm.

INTL 740 Cross-Cultural Promotional Concepts and Practices 3 School of Management
This course is designed to sensitize the student to the cultural antecedents of managing promotional activities in international settings. Of special concern are the areas of advertising, public relations, publicity, personal selling and negotiations. Management of these functions will be investigated within the context of methodologies applicable to measurement and understanding of cultures, customs and business practices.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: MRKT 601

INTL 745 World Trade in Services 3 School of Management